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“Lease Here” “Pay Here” Vehicles | No Credit Check


“Lease Here” “Pay Here”  is a program where you provide a down payment and have low Bi-weekly notes (every two weeks). Terms may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Whether you have poor credit or can’t get financed at other dealerships, DADS is here for you. We offer “Lease Here” “Pay Here” vehicles and we cater to people with credit issues. You can drive away in a great vehicle for a low up-front fee and no credit check. Whether you are looking for a pre-owned car or a pre-owned truck, we have it all.


GPS Protection Device

All DADS “Lease Here” “Pay Here” automobiles come with a built in GPS Protection device, which acts as a theft protection device and a device to help customers manage their payments on a timely basis! Please ask for further information!

Insurance Requirements

DADS must be listed on your auto insurance as follows:
Loss Payee and Additional Insured as followed: DADS BR1, LLC, 6764 Airline Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70805
All Policies must have Louisiana Legal Limits of Liability and Comprehensive and Collision with a Maximum deductible of $250.00 and No excluded drivers!


* (Proof of Insurance is required monthly… All Policies are monitored very closely through proof of receipt paid and online verification)